About Treebuddy

The idea of Treebuddy is to be the first old-growth forest service. A global tree planting service with individual tracking and caring of every single tree for decades to go. Trees can save the world, but we humans must help them - and make peace with mother earth at the same time.


Many people want to do good, but it’s not easy and inspiring. With Treebuddy it's easy and inspiring for BOTH for the treeplanters and the supporters. A brief explanation how it works here:


Today tree planting organizations have two fundamental problems:


1. They are unable to show in a transparent and real-time manner where and how many trees they have planted


2. They (and their funders and the media) are focusing only to the tree plantings. Planting trees is rather easy - but it’s the tree caring that really counts for the long-term effects.


Treebuddy solves both these problems in one go by doing these two things:


1. Mark all the planted trees on the map


- Each planted tree is exactly marked to the global map with a photo. The marking tech is fullproof, and can be verified by everyone from the worldmap

- Planted trees + photos are easily shareable internet links, ideal also for education and (social) media


2.  Take smartly care of the trees planted


- Businesses and consumers are supporting planting and care of the trees, that are visible in the worldmap

- Because of the full verifiability, tree planting organizations get great TRUST by the tree supporters.

- Tree supporters get a very personal feeling to their Treebuddies. Every tree counts!


The tree planters make a Status Update of a tree with a photo after 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years etc. This gives locals a true economic incentive to keep the trees well, and not to cut them down. It's better to treat the milking cows well!



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