About Treebuddy

The most effective way to fight global biodiversity loss and global warming is to plant lots of trees. Unfortunately, today, tree planting organizations have two fundamental problems:

1. They are unable to show in a transparent and real-time manner where and how many trees they have planted

2. They (and their funders and the media) are focusing only to the tree plantings. Planting trees is rather easy - but it’s the tree caring that really counts for the long-term effects. Many trees die if not taken care of, like this example from Turkey in January 2020.

We can be solving both the problems in one go - with Treebuddy 

1. Placing all the planted trees on global map

  • Each planted tree is geopositioned in a global map with a photo

  • Visual and detailed information of the trees and organizations

  • Global view and verification of planted trees

  • Planted trees + photos are easily shareable internet links, ideal also for education and (social) media

 2.  Taking smartly care of the trees planted with strong engagement of locals

  • When planting trees a tree planter registers them to the Envirate map with a photo

  • Businesses and consumers are supporting tree planting and care. They receive tree info and location to be given for their customers

  • The tree planters make a Status Update of a tree with a photo after 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years etc. They get support every time they do it - for decades to go! This gives locals a true economic incentive to keep the trees well, and not to cut them down.




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