In the Bayug Island area /Philippines a Treebuddy has been planted for you – a Red Mangrove  (Rhizophora Mangle).

Your Treebuddy is displayed on the world map and will receive care by you for at least the next 5 years. After one year, you will receive a new photograph showing your Treebuddy’s growth and development. Later, you will receive a picture when your Treebuddy is 5 years old. Then, if you wish, you may decide to keep on being a caretaker of your Treebuddy for the next five years.

The tree is located in Bayug Island / Philippines The main purpose of conducting the tree planting activity especially in Bayug Island is to bring back the health condition of the shorelines of Bayug which was noted locally for its rich- fishing grounds (before it was hit by a typhoon). The typhoon wiped out nearly all the settlements, uncovered the topsoil, mangroves were uprooted and blocked the two rivers that used to separate the island from the mainland. Kalaimani /Eno Philippines will take care of planting and caring for the tree.

Wishing you and your Treebuddy many successful years together!

Mangrove Tree in Philippines + 5 years of Treebuddycare.

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